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h2 Express startup service

SafeDataUK’s express startup service aims to assist you in installing, configuring, and customising the SafeDataUK’s Backup Software.

Once the hardware and the underlying operating system are in place, our professionals will perform all the software installation and configuration remotely on your behalf.

This saves you both time and effort in studying the user guides and documentations to get everything running.

h2 Around the clock customer service

Upon our professional customer service team’s receipt of your enquiry, we will work closely with you to resolve any technical problem that you might have run into. We guarantee that you will:

h2 Try our software immediately

Our free trial software is available at www.safedatauk.com/try

h2 Get your critical business data protected now!

Our software protects your business, not just data. Contact our sales representatives immediately to get your critical business data protected as soon as possible.